The Marathon of Flowers is the oldest running competition in Colombia. It is organized by MCM Events, a company dedicated to managing large-scale athletic and cultural events.

This company currently runs more than 20 athletic events in Colombia.

The Marathon of Flowers has grown thanks to a private-public alliance between the Medellin Mayor’s office and MCM Events. The race is sponsored by EPM, the largest utilities company in Colombia, which is well known for its social and environmental responsibility that reflect its origin, growth, and business strategy.


42K 21K 10K 5K
5:30 Hours 3:00 Hours 2:00 Hours 2:00 Hours


42K 21K 10K 5K
6:30 a.m. 6:30 a.m. 8:45 a.m. 9:15 a.m.
Sunday, September 17th

The start point will be at the Parque de los Pies Descalzos (Barefoot Park). At 6 a.m. the roads adjacent to the Edificio EPM (EPM Building) will be closed. All participants should be at the starting point one hour before their official start time, in the designated warm-up area according to the race they are going to run.


The 42,195-meter and the 21,098-meter races are certified and endorsed by IAAF, AIMS, and the Colombian Athletics Federation. The race is an active member of AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) and ALCAR (Asociación Latinoamericana de Carreras de Calle), and is part of the world marathon calendar. All the routes are circuits.

There will also be a competitive 10k and a recreational 5k. Medals will be given in the following categories: 42k, 21k, 10k and 5k. Chips will be given for the following categories: 42k - 21k - 10k. The Liga de Atletismo de Antioquia will be in charge of all officiating.


Registration takes place online at In the event that the participant does not make the payment or does not complete the registration form, the registration will be cancelled automatically. You must accept and sign the disclaimer; otherwise your registration will not be valid. Registration fees will not be refunded for any reason, including unforeseen events and force majeure.


Your kit with your participant number and timing chip will be given out exclusively to previously registered participants, from Thursday through Saturday, September 8-10, 2016, at the SportLife Expo (EXPO RUNNERS MEDELLÍN, Salud & Bienestar ). Date: Thursday the 8th, Friday the 9th, and Saturday the 10th of September, 2016 Location: Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex To arrive at the SportLife Expo, enter through one of the following:
  • Basketball Gym (Coliseo de Baloncesto Iván de Bedout)
  • Martial Arts Gym (Coliseo de Combate Guillermo Gaviria Correa)
  • Volleyball Gym (Coliseo de Voleibol Yesid Santos)
  • Thursday, September 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Friday, September 9th from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 10th from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Use of the official race shirt is preferred in order to control and manage services for officially registered runners. The organization is not responsible for chip failures or defects, as an external company called DEPORTEC provides these devices. Numbers, chips and shirts will not be given out the day of the event. In case a participant cannot personally pick up his/her number and chip, he/she may authorize someone to pick them up on his/her behalf. If a third party does the registration, the organization will not be held liable for mistakes in personal information. All participants must wear their official race number fully expanded across the chest, without modifying, cutting, or folding it until finishing the race. Participants must wear the chip according to its instructions.


Official results will be based on the electronic timing system. Therefore, all athletes must pass through all of the DEPORTEC checkpoints at the starting line, throughout the route, and at the finish line. Runners who violate the general regulations established in the Marathon of Flowers Regulations or participate in prohibited conduct, including not going through each of the previously mentioned checkpoints, will be disqualified by the Liga de Atletismo de Antioquia, race’s officiators. Awards will be presented to elite athletes after turning in the results of drug tests with negative results, as established by the IAAF regulations. Prizes are in Colombian pesos. The awards ceremony for the winners of the 42k and 21k will take place at the finish line. The first three finishers for both women and men will be awarded with trophies. Other prizes will be given out within 15 days after the event.


  1. The organization will handle drug tests through Coldeportes. Refusing to take anti-doping tests is cause for immediate disqualification for the runner.
  2. Athletes who do not wear their number visibly across the chest, or who do not follow the official route, in which there will be checkpoints with race officials from the Liga de Atletismo de Antioquia, will be disqualified. They will also be disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct, such as receiving help, substances, or food from third parties within or outside the circuit.
  3. Falsifying personal information or presenting an identification that is not your own, or running in a race other than the one you signed up for, are causes for disqualification. Athletes who do not cross through the indicated checkpoints, who disobey race signs, race officials, and organization staff will also be disqualified. Failure to follow instructions regarding closures, registration times, and other misconduct regarding the regulations are also cause for disqualification, and the organization reserves the right to withdraw the registration number and remove the athlete from the event. Participants will not be permitted without their registration numbers.
  4. Use of the official race shirt is recommended from the starting line to the finish line, with the exception of professional athletes.
  5. Participants who run without their number do so under their own responsibility and will not have a right to any of the privileges granted to athletes who are officially registered. Such participants should begin the race after all registered participants have begun.
  6. Participants who exceed the established time limit for their distance should abandon the race and act as pedestrians.


  1. In all races, water stations will be available every 2 kilometers and at the finish line.
  2. First aid stations, ambulance service, and motorbikes will be available throughout the race.
  3. Bag-check service will be available for athletes. The organization does not assume responsibility for checked items.
  4. At the end of the 42k and 21k, a straggler bus will be available to transfer injured athletes.


Athletes can file complaints verbally to the Liga de Atletismo de Antioquia up to 30 minutes before results are published. This entity has the authority to make decisions in such cases. If the athlete disagrees, he/she may file the complaint with MCM Events through written and signed communication.

Vehicles during the race

The only vehicles that are authorized to follow the race are those designated by the organization, which must have their corresponding identification in plain view at all times. It is completely prohibited to follow participants on motorbikes, bicycles or any other vehicle, and the Metropolitan Police have express orders to remove any such vehicles from the circuits in order to avoid accidents.


The organization does not assume responsibility for injuries that may result from participating in the event. This applies to athletes and bystanders, and in the event that a third party causes damage or injury to a participant or organization. Participants agree that, on registering, they accept the above conditions and will help to avoid personal accidents.

All participants, on registering, confirm and accept the regulations and disclaimer that are published on the back of the participant number and registration voucher, which should be signed as confirmation of acceptance. In case of doubt, the criteria of the organization prevails.

Together with the Medellín Mayor’s Office, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM), and the Medellín Sports and Recreation Institute (INDER), and with MCM events, the Medellín Half Marathon becomes the MARATHON OF FLOWERS.

The twenty-first annual race will be held on September 11th, with a new image portraying healthy lifestyle habits, urban sustainability and opportunity for Medellín residents.

The Marathon of Flowers is the most important street sporting event in the city and pioneer in the country, with race distances of 42, 21, 10 and 5 kilometers this year.

Local, national, and international elite, amateur and recreational athletes will participate on the main roads of Medellín. Local athletes will run next to big name runners and their families will enjoy a recreational route through the streets of Medellín.

One important new feature of the race is the 42k category, which will give this sporting competition international recognition with the presence of elite international athletes from countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Paraguay and, of course, Colombia.

The Marathon of Flowers will comply with rigorous quality standards in the 21k and 42k. From June 28 through July 1, it will be certified by the Brazilian auditor, Rodolfo Eichler, from the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations), who will approve the quality standards for the longest two routes of the event.

The IAAF is the governing body of track and field athletics worldwide. They standardize timing methods, keep track of and recognize world records in the various track and field categories, and certify races like the Marathon of Flowers.

Routes must comply with the official distances of 42,195 meters and 21,098 meters, which are the certified and supported distances according to the IAAF and the Colombian Federation of Athletics (Federación Colombiana de Atletismo).

The race is an active member of AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races), of ALCAR (Asociación Latinoamericana de Carreras de Calle), and is part of the world marathons calendar. All the routes are circuits.

To assure that all athletes come well-prepared for the marathon, they can participate in the Bodytech 10K on July 21st and the “Correr es Vivir” 10K on August 25th for preparation.

The race will be a qualifying race for the 2016 Boston Marathon. The 42K and 21K of the Marathon of Flowers are certified by the IAAF.

Coming of Age

The Marathon of Flowers is the evolution of the Medellín Half Marathon (Media Maratón de Medellín), which, on coming of age, is being re-launched with a new image that seeks to attract more participants on the local, national, and international scale.

The name “Marathon of Flowers Medellin” identifies the distance and the iconic reputation of the event location in Medellin, known as the City of Eternal Spring and for its annual Flower Festival.

With this great sporting event, the Mayor’s Office puts forth the opportunity to gather on the streets of the city and take part in valuable life experiences through sports, demonstrating a healthy lifestyle and experiencing Medellin as a city that is working together for sustainability and collective development on all fronts, including through athletics and by hosting major events like this Marathon.

Committee and Constituents

The Marathon, pioneer in the country, has an organizing committee made up of the Medellín Mayor’s Office, INDER, private business people and MCM Events.

The constituents for this year, which seek to position Medellin as a reference point in running worldwide, are the SportLife Expo (EXPO RUNNERS MEDELLÍN, Salud & Bienestar ), The Challenge (El Reto) and a strong environmental sustainability component.

On this occasion, the Marathon image evokes the grandeur and beauty of the flowers, the learning spaces and the urban environment to portray a transforming city, which is also inclusive for all its inhabitants and visitors.

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