The Medellín Marathon is the oldest running event in Colombia. Its promoted and organized by MCM Operador de Eventos, an organization dedicated to the management of large-scale sports and cultural events. This company actually develops more than 20 sporting events in Colombia.

Thanks to a public-private partnership between the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and MCM Operador de Eventos, the Medellín Marathon has been strengthened. It is sponsored by EPM as the main sponsor -the most important domiciliary public services company in the country- with figures and facts of a social and environmental responsibility that gives meaning to its origin, its development and its business strategy.


42K 21K 10K 5K
5 Hours 3 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours


42K 21K 10K 5K
6:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. 8:15 a.m. 9:15 a.m.
Sunday, September 6th – 2020


Organization: Corporación Maratón Internacional de Medellín-MCM Operador de Eventos Deportivos y Culturales.
Production: MCM Operador de Eventos Deportivos y Culturales, entity formed by the Colombian Chamber of Construction Camacol Antioquia and Liga de Atletismo de Antioquia.
Date: Sunday, September 6, 2020
Marathon Medellín is an event sponsored by EPM, with the support of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and the Sports and Recreation Institute, Inder Medellín.

ARTICLE 1º. Organization

ARTICLE 1º. Organization, Main Sponsor, Date, Sponsorship. Organization: La Corporación Maratón Internacional de Medellín, MCM Operador de Eventos is the promoter and owner of the race. The main sponsor: EPM, Empresas Públicas de Medellín.
Date: Sunday, September 6, 2020. Institutional support: It has the support of the Mayor’s Office of Medellín and the Institute of Sports and Recreation of Medellín, Inder.

ARTICLE 2º. Description of the Routes or Circuits:

ARTICLE 2º. Description of the Routes or Circuits: The distances of Marathon (42.195 meters) and Half Marathon (21.098 meters) have been measured and certified by the International Association of Athletics Federations IAAF, also has two recreational, non-certified, 10K and 5K. The Medellin Marathon is an active member of AIMS, the International Marathon and Distance Racing Association, and is incorporated into its calendar of sporting events for the year 2020. All modalities are in the form of a circuit. It is endorsed by the Colombian Athletics Federation.
The place of departure and / or destination, and the circuits or circuits indicated, may be modified or reformed in whole or in part by the Organization in its total and complete discretion. Likewise, the place of departure and / or destination, and / or routes may also be modified, altered in whole or in part by the authorities such as the local Mobility Office and the local government or any municipality where the race runs.

ARTÍCULO 3º. Schedule:

ARTICLE 3º. Schedule:  The start time will be at 6:00 a.m. for 42K and 21K. For 10K at 8:15 a.m. and 5K at 9:15 a.m. The maximum duration time will be 5 hours for 42K, 3 hours for 21K and 2 hours for routes of 10k and 5K, closing the arrival and dismantling all control points, leaving the circuit open to vehicular traffic once these schedules are fulfilled. A vehicle of the organization will go to the end of each circuit to close the race.
The participant that in the course sees that he / she exceeds the time limit, must abandon the race or in its defect must continue under his / her own risk by the curbside. Participants who are late to start the race 30 minutes or more will not be able to do so and will be disqualified.

ARTICLE 4º. Registration:
 ARTICLE 4º. Registration:  ARTICLE 4º. Registration: Registration will be made online on the website and in venues authorized by the Organization, through a form provided for this purpose. The participant must complete the registration information requested, being officially registered in the Medellin Marathon, only once payment has been made through a credit, debit, cash and / or other means of payment that the Organization allows. Registrations can be made in the stages or periods defined by the Organization and in accordance with the prices ​​established here. In the event that the athlete does not make the payment and / or does not complete the registration form, it will be automatically invalidated. The registrations will be made by completing all the fields that appear on the registration form, as well as confirming the liability exoneration, which must be read and accepted by the athlete. The competition has a maximum capacity of 15,000 participants for its four distances.
Registration prices, according to period and distance:


TO FEB 28th – 2020

FEB 29th TO  AUGUST 31st -2020


$ 100,000 $ 130,000


$100,000 $130,000


$ 100,000 $ 130,000


$ 80,000 $ 100,000


If the athlete requires more information, they can obtain it through the official website of the event: There will be no refund of the registration fees even if the participant for any reason, even for the occurrence of a fortuitous event or force majeure, does not participate in the sporting event to which this regulation refers. The Organization will not be responsible nor will be obliged to return the sum paid for the registration in the event of a fortuitous event or force majeure that prevents the realization of the event. If by decision of the authority, and / or the municipality, or for other reasons or circumstances that oblige the Organization, or that is obliged to cancel the event, the Medellin Marathon, will not have any responsibility remaining of course authorized to retain the sums paid for registration referred to in article 4. If by decision of the authority the Organization is forced to postpone, cancel or modify any of the distances of the event and / or move the place of departure or finish line, change the date and place of provision of services, the organization will assume the obligation to reschedule the completion of the race. The Organization will not be responsible nor will be obliged to return the value of the registration in case of modifying, altering or changing the place of departure and / or goal, circuits or routes, according to article 2 of this regulation.
Changes will only be permitted in the distances (42K, 21K, 10K and 5K) indicated in the registration until Wednesday, July 15, 2020, corresponding to settling any difference in the price of the registration. The Organization will not refund the differences in your favor. The registration of athletes who are suspended or disqualified by the anti-doping rules of the IAAF and the world anti-doping code, as well as other technical infractions and / or impersonation will be prohibited. If an athlete registers omitting this circumstance, he will automatically be disqualified. Foreign elite athletes can only register by invitation of the organization and must have written authorization from their respective Federation. Said authorization must be sent directly from the Federation of its country of origin to the Colombian Athletics Federation, who, as the governing body of this discipline, will authorize the official participation of the athlete. Anyone who does not comply with these requirements will be disqualified.
The resale of registrations for the Medellín Marathon is strictly prohibited. The person who is caught reselling registrations, may be sanctioned, the registration being canceled, without the right to any refund of value, and may be reported to the competent authority. If a person is discovered in the felony of selling registrations for the Medellín Marathon, at a price above the authorized one, the Police authority may proceed as contemplated by the Colombian Police Code. It is also prohibited and sanctioned by the Organization with the cancellation of registration, without the right to return, when false information in the registration is provided, be it of the identity card number and / or identity document, age, gender, address or other data required in it.

ARTICLE 5 °. Categories

ARTICLE 5 °. CategoriesAll participants, regardless of gender, who are 18 years old until the day of the race will be able to participate in the Medellín Marathon. However, athletes under 18 years of age up to and including 16 years must submit the corresponding authorization signed by the parent or guardian and be accompanied by such at the time of withdrawal of the competition number. In case the parent or guardian can not attend the event, an authorization signed before a notary public, plus a photocopy of the identity card of the latter, is accepted instead. Minors can ONLY run and register in the 10 and 5K modalities. The registration or participation of children under 16 years old will not be allowed in 21K and 42K, unless they have authorization from their parents. The Medellín Marathon, reserves the right to accept or reject registrations in any of the modalities and distances when considered. Categories of the Marathon Medellín:

ARTICLE 6º. Pick up of numbers, electronic timing chips and way of use:

ARTICLE 6º. Pick up of numbers, electronic timing chips and way of use: participation numbers and electronic timing chips will be available for pick up to the previously registered participants only on Friday, September 4th 2020, from 10:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. and Saturday 5th September 2020 between 8:00 p.m. and 18:00 p.m., both days prior to the race in Expo Runners Medellín, Salud y Bienestar, to be held in the Yellow Pavilion of Plaza Mayor Medellín, located at Calle 41 No. 55-80, or in the place indicated by the organization. There, the participant must present their identity document. Along with the number participants will receive an electronic timing chip that will record the final official time of each participant. The official t-shirt of the race will also be delivered. Its use is recommended to facilitate the tasks of logistics and attention of each participant. The delivery of said t-shirts, whatever the model, size, or design, will be done in order of arrival until stocks are exhausted. The Medellín Marathon will not be responsible if the electronic timing chip presents faults or defects, since these devices are provided by the company DEPORTEC, external to the organization. NEITHER THE DAY OF THE EVENT, NOR AFTER KITS WILL BE DELIVERED. In the event that a registered participant can not personally withdraw his or her CHIP number and control, he or she may do so through a specially authorized representative by written consent that includes a copy of the registered participant’s identity card. The competition number must be placed on the participant’s chest, completely extended, without retouching, manipulating, trimming or bending until the end of the race. Participants must use the chip delivered, according to the instructions given by the Organization. Gun time is the official time of the race..

ARTICLE 7º. Prizes:

ARTICLE 7º. Prizes: the official classification of the athletes will be verified under the electronic timing system, therefore every athlete to be classified must pass through all the controls that have been placed on the course, at the start and at the finish line. Any athlete who contravenes the provisions of this regulation, or engages in any of the prohibited behaviors in this one, including the non-registration of their steps through all the aforementioned controls, will be disqualified. The Medellin Marathon will have a bag of around 200 million Colombian pesos in prizes in cash and in kind for the participants in the different modalities, which will be delivered by MCM Operador de Eventos, once the athletes have been submitted to the doping control and its results have been NEGATIVE, in accordance with the current regulations issued by the IAAF and the Colombian Athletics Federation. However, the organization will be unable to award prizes to athletes who have been suspended or sanctioned for violating the aforementioned anti-doping rules, as instructed by the IAAF. Prizes are expressed and will be paid in Colombian pesos, national currency, by bank transfer, both for foreigners and residents in Colombia. All expenses and taxes that may be applicable by the participating banking entities or competent tax authorities shall be borne by the beneficiaries of said cash prizes. The athlete who receives the trophy and / or medal on the day of awarding the event and, subsequently, the results of the anti-doping tests are positive or has a suspension or sanction for a violation prior to said rules, will be obliged to return such trophies. All participants who complete the Medellín Marathon and cross the finish line will receive the commemorative medal of the race.

ARTICLE 8 °. Award ceremony for the winners of the Marathon

ARTICLE 8 °.  Award ceremony for the winners of the Marathon:: the award ceremony for the winners of the Medellin Marathon will take place in the arrival area, giving the trophies corresponding to the first three athletes of the general classification of men and women of 21K and 42K. This award will be the only one that will take place on the day of the race and will be done immediately, and once the marks made by the winning athletes have been reviewed through the race judges and in accordance with the official electronic timer. It will be an essential obligation of the athletes who will receive the trophies to present themselves at the award ceremony with their competitor number on their chest and completely visible. The prizes in money will be given to the winners of the Medellin Marathon once the organization has received the negative results of the doping tests and provided that the athlete has not been disqualified as provided in these regulations. Awards for other categories: the awarding of the other categories of the Medellín Marathon will take place after verifying the results of the electronic timekeeping and receiving the form of the judges of the Athletics League of Antioquia and endorsed by the event director. The awarding of the other categories will be done after 20 days of the race.

ARTICLE 9º. Obligations of the participant:

ARTICLE 9º.  Obligations of the participant:

1. The Organization will carry out the doping control between athletes, ladies or men who finish the Marathon and Half Marathon, once they reach the finish line, without prejudice to the right of the Organization to do doping controls, in their total discretion to the first fifteen competitors. The Organization may perform the doping test on athletes who reach the first three places in the distance of 42K and 21K, in their total and total discretion. The refusal or avoidance of such control after being notified will result in immediate disqualification of the athlete and violation of the doping control rules of the IAAF and the World Anti-Doping Code.

2. All athletes who do not have the number clearly visible on the chest, who do not follow the official route of the respective event – in which there will be controls – or show signs of unsportsmanlike behavior, will be DISQUALIFIED. Among other behaviors, receiving help, water, beverages of any kind, substances or food, from third parties that move inside or outside the circuit, whether or not they use motorized vehicles, bicycles or other means of transport. The Organization shall be entitled to expel third parties who are caught in these unsportsmanlike conduct.

3. It will be a reason for DISQUALIFICATION to deceive the organization by impersonating people, running a distance other than that indicated in the registration, etc. Participants who do not cross the areas of signalized controls, run outside the official route or do not obey the markers, judges, and personnel of organization will also be disqualified. Likewise, disqualification will be a reason for not respecting the instructions of the Organization regarding boxing zones, registration times and other anti-regulation behavior, reserving the Organization the right to withdraw the registration number and expel it from the event. Boxing of any participant without their registration number will not be allowed.

4. The official race time will be the pistol time.

5. Any participant who runs without a number, does so at his / her own risk, without being entitled to any of the privileges of the officially registered athletes and is automatically disqualified. Notwithstanding the right of the Organization to prevent your participation in the event.

6. Any participant who provides data or information that is not reliable or false at the time of registration, as to their identity, age, address or other information, will not be able to attend or participate in the event, will be automatically disqualified and will not have right to return the price of the registration by the Organization.

7. The resale of registrations is strictly prohibited by the organization and will be sanctioned according to the law, preventing the purchaser from participating in the event, without prejudice to the sanction described in article 6 above.

ARTICLE 10º. Participant services:

ARTICLE 10º.  Participant services:
1. There will be hydration stations in all routes with water every 2 kilometers and Gatorade isotonic drink in some points of the circuit.

2. The races will have an ambulance service along the route, along with vehicles where doctors and / or paramedics can go.

3. The Organization will make available to the participants a wardrobe service on arrival (not being responsible for the objects left in it).

ARTICLE 11º. Claims

ARTICLE 11º.  Claims: claims may be made before 30 minutes of the publication of the results, verbally by the athlete to the Technical Director of the Race or whoever the Organization designates to receive the complaints. It will be this person who decides in the first instance. If the athlete does not agree, he may complain to the Organization by written communication.

ARTICLE 12º. Vehicles on the route:

ARTICLE 12º.   Vehicles on the route : The only vehicles authorized to follow the race are those designated by the Organization, and must clearly carry the corresponding identification. It is strictly forbidden to follow participants on motorcycles, bicycles or other means of transport of mechanical or animal propulsion, having express orders to remove them from the route to avoid any accident to the participants.

ARTICLE 13º. Responsibility

ARTICLE 13º. Responsibility : the organization does not assume any responsibility for the damages that, by participation in this competition, an athlete may cause to himself, to other persons and even in the case of third parties causing harm to the participant or Organization. The participants declare that, by registering, they accept the above-mentioned condition and will contribute with the Organization to avoid personal accidents.

ARTICLE 14º. All participants:

ARTICLE 14º. All participants: by registering, they declare to know and accept this regulation and the exoneration of responsibilities and data protection. In case of doubt the criterion of the Organization will prevail. Disclaimer:

1. I have decided to participate in the Medellín Marathon, hereinafter referred to as the “Race”, which will be held in the city of Medellin on September 6, 2020, organized and operated by MCM Operador de Eventos, hereinafter referred to as the ” Organization”.

2. That I am in perfect physical, mental and health conditions, as well as properly informed that I must have an optimal physical preparation to participate in the “Race”.

3. That I do not suffer any illness, injury, disability or adverse condition that disables me from participating in the “Race”.

4. I am fully aware that if at the date of execution of the “Race” I submit any of the following conditions, I will abstain from participating in it, nor will I be able to request the refund of the value of the registration: pregnancy, poisoning, being under effect of psychoactive substances; use of crutches, plaster and / or prostheses; heart diseases, respiratory and all those conditions that disable my participation. If this is done, the Organization is exonerated of all responsibility.

5. I assume all risks associated with participation in the Race including, but not limited to falls, other accidents, diseases generated, either by direct contact with other participants or by weather consequences (including but not limited to temperature and / or humidity), vehicular traffic and road conditions, and I accept in general any associated risk, which I declare known and valued at the time of registration.

6. Having read this statement, knowing the risks and considering that I accept them for participating in the Race, I, in my name and in the name of any person acting on my behalf, exempts the organizers of “the race” , volunteers, their strategic partners (Athletics League, Mayor’s Office, among others), sponsors and / or their representatives and successors, of any claim or responsibility of any kind that may arise as a result of participating in this Race.

7. Also exempt from liability to the aforementioned, for any loss, theft and / or theft that could suffer.

8. I authorize the organizers, representatives and sponsors of the Race, the use of registration information, photographs, films, videos, recordings and any other means of registration of the same, for any legitimate use and for the appropriate purposes that these agree, without any compensation or economic obligation.

9. I authorize the processing of personal data provided in this document and those collected during the Race for purposes related to this and for commercial purposes without prejudice to the rights provided for in the law, especially to know, update, rectify and request the deletion of my data to MCM Operador de Eventos. Calle 12 Nro. 43 D 73 piso 2 Medellín – Colombia.

ARTICLE 15 °. Applicable Rules:

ARTICLE 15 °.  Applicable Rules: the present regulation, the registration and participation in the Medellin Marathon together with the competition rules of the IAAF, the Colombian Athletics Federation and the World Anti-Doping Code, and other general norms that are applicable and in accordance with Colombian norms.

ARTICLE 16 °. Race director:

ARTICLE 16 °.  Race director: the director of the race will be Mr. Gustavo Orozco Posada.


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